Newland Moorefield adroitly deals out folk-jazz-pop piano with pure, strong, seasoned vocals. But while she may remind you of other artists, Newland's style is wholly original. It is hers and hers alone. 

From Tennessee and Washington, D.C., but now hailing from Austin, Texas, this raw singer/songwriter/piano player plays by no one else's rules. Her voice is haunting and emotional, but in many ways brings the listener to a more grounded space. 

She writes stories that tell of lives lost, lives lived to the fullest, and lives still in-the-making. She brings you full circle, taking you through the colors and sounds inside trials and tribulations, but always reminding you — often with humor — of the power and radiance of human perseverance.

Newland has haunted coffeehouses, cafes, and private parties for years in Austin, Texas, and Washington, D.C. She was a regular in hot spots in Georgetown, Northern Virginia, Maryland, and other areas in or near Washington before moving to Austin to focus on music. In Austin, she moves quietly through the music venues, and has performed at the Elephant Room, Threadgill's, Cactus Cafe, private parties, arts festivals, and more.

 Her mentors include Jonathan Baker Moorefield, Peter Mazzetti, Mark Hallman, Floyd Domino, Jimmy Joe Natoli, Stephen Doster, Eliza Gilkyson, Rich Harney, Noelle Hampton, and Stephen Stills.

An honors graduate from the Creative Writing Program at George Mason University in Fairfax, Virginia, her songwriting finds its way through Southern literature, poetry, and confessional memoirs. Her spark, humor, and insightful revelations show years of quiet meditation in a world of noise. Although she has a formal writing education, her music is unpretentious and without dogma, showing a natural, refreshing naivete.